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YTO Wholeway Machinery in CRT FarmFest 2019

CRT Farmfest attracted more than 2,500 individual companies and organisations to exhibit their machines, products and tractors in Toowoomba in 2019. 

YTO Wholeway Machinery is fortunate to be an exhibitor in this great event. We provided visitors with excellent tractors and services to demonstrate the high-quality of YTO tractors.

YTO is the leading tractor manufacturer in China.  In Australia we have branches in Newcastle and Toowoomba, which can offer excellent services to farmers. 

During Farmfest 2019, YTO displayed 5 tractors, ranging from 55 horsepower (hp) to 180 hp.  We received many inquiries due to the price and reliability of the tractors.

Help Farmers to get through dry season.

During FarmFest 2019, the biggest concern that we heard from farmers is the continuing drought.  In order to help Australian farmers through these difficulties, YTO Wholeway Machinery is providing farmers with special discounts on their entire range of tractors.

The majority of farmers were amazed by the attractive price of YTO tractors. For example, 180hp Cab Demo for only $98945.00 inc GST and 70hp Cab for $39545.00 inc GST.  All YTO models are being discounted during the special offer period. (Please contact us if you want to know more details.)

One farmer who purchased YTO tractor during Farmfest

Rodney Powis purchased YTO 90hp tractor at Farmfest 2019 due to the attractive price and trustworthy quality. The reason he selected YTO is that his friends had taken his advice previously and purchased a 125hp YTO tractor. 

After driving their tractor for many hours Rodney decided that it would be a good investment to purchase one for himself.  Rodney understands the performance, quality and ability of YTO tractors.

Rodney took advantage of the special offer during Farmfest and purchased the 90HP tractor without hesitation.  The following group photo is from left to right, Jerry Chen (YTO employee), Darryl Penfold (Sales Manager), Rodney Powis and Alex Hang (YTO manager).

YTO Parts and Accessories

YTO Wholeway Machinery not only sell tractors, but also provides customers with tractor parts and accessories like these clamp on pallet forks (blue).

Customers can access the YTO website https://www.wholeway.com.au/ to get more information about YTO tractors, spare parts, and services.

Customers also can click YTO VIDEOS to watch more YTO tractor videos, which will help them to understand the ability, performance, and comments for YTO tractors.

YTO tractors purchased the European technology (Patents) to manufacture the core components of the tractor (e.g. Engine, clutch, and transmissions, etc.).  

The feedback from China and other overseas countries is very positive, which means YTO tractors will work in the difficult Australian environment. 

Please click CONTACT US directly if you want to know more information about YTO Wholeway Machinery.

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